On countdown

A couple of significant dates are highlighted in the Save Shottery diary:

  • 23 April – Shakespeare’s birthday and the deadline for signatures on the ‘No Sell Out’ petition 
  • 2 July – the start of Stratford-on-Avon District Council’s legal hearing against Eric Pickles at the Birmingham Justice Centre.

When you start a petition on Change.org, you also have to chose a closing date. For us it was obvious. A petition aimed at the Shakespeare Birthplace Trust should close on the Bard’s birthday, 23 April.

Next, you have to decide what your target number of signatures will be. That was easy, too. We chose 800 – one against each house Bloor Homes wants to build. We smashed that target within a few days.

With just a month to go until Will’s birthday, please help us hit the revised target of 1463 names. We’re nearly there. We just need one final push – please!

NB: 1463 was the year Anne Hathaway’s Cottage was first built.

Re: judicial review – we’re writing to the Council asking them how we can assist them. We’ll let you know if there’s anything they’d like the public to do.


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