Save Shottery unveils new identity


April 23, 2013

In celebration of William Shakespeare’s birthday – 23 April 1564 – Save Shottery today unveiled a new look and a new outlook for the social media campaign. Save Shottery is being transformed – at least temporarily – into ‘Shakespeare’s Shottery’; complete with a new logo, web address and new Twitter handle @ShakesShottery.

Shakespeares Shottery jpg

Save Shottery co-founder, Mark Griffiths, explains: “When we set up the Save Shottery petition on last year, we had to choose a closing date and plumped for April 23 as a symbolic gesture.

“Since November, the petition’s hit each milestone we set and we finish on 1616 – the year Shakespeare passed away. It’s a fitting finale to the petition as we also intend to take a rest from campaigning against the Shakespeare Birthplace Trust.

“We’ve made our point and we always said we’d turn our efforts into a positive promotion. The launch of Shakespeare’s Shottery is our birthday present to the Trust today! As no-one’s making any decisions over the land and the development until the judicial review in July, we’re putting campaigning on hold until we know the outcome of that.”

The Save Shottery petition was signed by people in 25 countries across the globe – including Australia, New Zealand, USA, Canada, India, Europe and Japan – with many expressing their concern about the fate of Shakespeare’s heritage in his hometown.

The petition surpassed several significant targets before closing:

  • 800 signatures against the 800 houses Bloor Homes want to build
  • 1463 signatures to symbolise the year Anne Hathaway’s Cottage was first built
  • 1564 signatures to commemorate the year William Shakespeare was born.

The Save Shottery website, Twitter, Facebook and Flickr accounts will now carry the Shakespeare’s Shottery branding and the campaign founders aim to feature as many good news stories as possible about Shakespeare, Shottery and Stratford.




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