Have your say on the Neighbourhood Plan

It was very interesting to go along to the Town Hall today to take part in the consultation open day on Stratford’s Neighbourhood Plan.

If all goes to plan, Stratford will be a much nicer place to live, with up to 1,000 houses built on brownfield sites, with a thriving town centre, smart canal side area and lots of green leafy spaces.

The only downside are the plans around employment. You see, the brownfield zones identified for residential housing are where the current industrial site is around Timothy’s Bridge Road. It transpires that DCS want to move, so their plot would become vacant and the planners hope the other businesses would follow them onto a new business park. But where would this new industrial park be? Just off the A46 near the Wildmoor – you’ve guessed it, on current greenfield land. Right next door to the contested Shottery development, in fact.

Pressed on the issue, we were told that it wasn’t part of the West Stratford industrial allocation. This new business park is a standalone proposal that could go ahead regardless of whether the 800 houses get built.

So, in short, the Neighbourhood Plan proposals for house building on brownfield can only happen if the industrial park is relocated to a greenfield site. Apart from that, everything else looks hunky-dory.  But what do you think?  Have your say in person or online: http://www.ourstratford.org.uk/


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