RASE legal advice challenges SBT

In the next few weeks the Shakespeare Birthplace Trust (SBT) will decide whether or not to sell the land behind Anne Hathaway’s Cottage (a field known as Briar Furlong) to the developers.

RASE  (Residents Against Shottery Expansion) has commissioned AHC Legal Advice on the duties of the trustees in considering whether or not to sell the land.

The full report makes fascinating reading but in summary, it says:

  • There are good grounds to believe that the Trust may be unable to sell Briar Furlong
  • Even if this is not the case, it would be perverse for the Trust to sell after it has consistently opposed the development, and to do so might indicate a flawed decision that could be successfully challenged
  • Should the Trust still be minded to sell the land, it would need first to undertake a public consultation of at least one month.

RASE has sent the report to Diana Owen at SBT and we’re very grateful that they have passed a copy to us to share with Save Shakespeare’s Shottery supporters. 

Read the details here: AHC Legal Advice


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