Tweet and retweet

It ain’t over till the bird stops singing.

Once you’ve signed the petition, it’s important to tweet to your world and people directly associated with this.

This is how to do it:

Follow us @SaveShottery

When Tweeting, use @SaveShottery and one of these hashtags and get it trending:





Copy in one of:



Go to our Contacts list and copy in someone else.

Here are some sample Tweets:

Stop @ShakespeareBT selling out to developers next to Anne Hathaway’s. Sign the @saveshottery petition:

@ShakespeareBT can stop developers building a road and 800 houses in Anne Hathaway’s back yard #saveshottery

Could @DianaJOwen tell us why @ShakespeareBT should sell out to developers when #annehathanotherway

As @ShakespeareBT partner does @ahrcpress think Anne Hathaway’s land should be sold off? #saveshottery


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